Membership Application and Dues


Membership Eligibility Criteria

As per the CACC Bylaws, membership eligibility criteria are as follows:

A. Membership in the organization shall be open to all people who are current practitioners, for at least a portion of their job, in the field of direct compensation and/or benefits.

B. Consultants shall be permitted to become members but shall not solicit business from the membership in conjunction with any CACC sponsored function, nor can they serve on the Board of Directors.

C. The organization shall provide for individual memberships made through written application on such form as the Membership Committee may provide. Each membership must be approved by the Membership Committee.


Please click here to apply for membership. Your application will be reviewed by the CACC Membership Committee, as well as by the CACC Board, who reviews applications on a monthly basis.  You will be advised promptly of your membership status and will be invoiced for your membership dues.  Please note, your membership status is not final until annual dues are received. If you have any questions, please contact our administrator at [email protected].


Renewal and Dues Payments
We begin our membership renewals in October. Please click here to renew your membership.


Information Regarding Dues
The CACC's annual membership dues are currently $100.00 for each calendar year.  Dues are not prorated. However,dues paid for a membership effective on or after October 1 of a given year, will also be applied to membership for the following calendar year. Or, you can take advantage two year membership for $180.00.