Membership Benefits

We appreciate your interest in the CACC and hope the following information will assist you with your decision as to whether membership in the CACC would be beneficial to your career plans. If at any time you have questions about CACC membership, please do not hesitate to contact the CACC Membership Director, Eric McMillan.

CACC is an organization for individuals at all career levels within Human Resources. From emerging practitioner to senior professional, CACC will provide opportunities for:

Professional Networking
As a CACC member, you will have the opportunity to meet peers and leaders in the local compensation & benefits field.  You will meet members from various companies around the Greater Charlotte area.  You will be able to gain valuable insight and information from other professionals who are working in your area of practice.

Continuing Education & Professional Development
You will be better able to keep yourself up-to-date on issues relevant to you and your company, such as legal issues, current topics, and practice trends.  Membership meetings feature selected speakers and general discussions on important topics. Membership in the CACC helps you keep pace in a rapidly changing, ever expanding work environment. You will be able to enhance your professional knowledge and have the opportunity to share your own experiences and ideas with your peers. Your participation in the CACC will provide a valuable enhancement to your career and an important contribution to other compensation & benefits professionals in the local area.

What Your CACC Membership Delivers

  • Quarterly Membership Meetings presenting a variety of topics and interesting subjects and speakers
  • WorldatWork Certification Courses, locally sponsored in Charlotte - with a price discount for members - to help you achieve your professional certification
  • "Compensation Matters" Newsletter, containing current information and membership news about the local area
  • Scholarship Program to assist members with their career growth and development
  • The CACC Web-site [] for easy access to member information
  • Membership Directory for contacting and networking with other CACC members
  • Annual Membership Needs Survey to insure that members have direct input into the planning and scheduling of programs and events.
  • Membership in CACC's LinkedIn Network. Over 80 members!