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July 2020

Volume 26, Issue 3

Table of Contents

  1. From the Chair
  2. Member Meeting
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  4. Membership






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From the Chair

Allie Woody
2020 Board Chair

Hello CACC Members! 

I hope this message finds all of you and your families healthy and well.  We have been living with the Coronavirus for several months now and many may have returned to the office, are considering returning, or planning the return of your employees.  As you make these decisions, I encourage you to review the article written by our Education Director, Becky Drodz, "Coronavirus and Beyond: Where Do We Go From Here?" for insight into the approach being taken by Charlotte area companies.

Your CACC Board continues to work to provide virtual opportunities which support your ongoing professional development.  Following the success of our first virtual member meeting in May, we will once again host our next member meeting virtually this August.  We encourage you to take advantage of WorldatWork's e-learning platform as you work toward your certifications. 

Thank you for your continued membership with CACC.  We look forward to seeing you virtually in August!

 Member Meeting

Brad Van Pelt, CCP, PHR, SHRM-CP
2020 Member Meetings Director

Employee Benefits in a Rapidly Evolving Economy

In a world ravaged by COVID-19, organizations and individuals are desperately seeking stability wherever they can find it. Understandably, employee benefits have recently taken on an increasingly vital role. Not only do they represent 30% to 38% of your overall employee compensation budget, your investment in them is a demonstration of employer empathy - an embodiment of the link between organizations and their employees' quality of life and sense of security.

As compensation professionals prepare for annual enrollment 2021, they have a lot on their mind, including:

  • Which benefits will my employees need and expect in 2021?
  • What are the pros and cons to holding an active vs. passive enrollment this year?
  • How can I maximize employee engagement in a socially distanced environment?
  • When will the next compliance curveball cross the plate?
  • What role does technology play in all this?

Join Businessolver's Benefits Innovation Group VP Mike Meyerring on Aug. 5 for answers to these questions and others you or your team may have as we head into these uncharted waters together.

The August meeting will be held virtually. Be sure to register for the meeting by August 3rd through the online event calendar so you receive the log-in details.


Becky K. Drozdz, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
2020 Education Director

Coronavirus and Beyond:  Where Do We Go From Here?

We heard it all the time.  Employees wanted more flexibility in their work and the ability to telecommute.  Professionals well versed in Total Rewards knew it was not that employees were lazy, they just wanted options to improve their work life effectiveness.  Then, Coronavirus hit.

In April, The Employers Association asked 183 employers in the Charlotte metro area if they allowed telecommuting prior to the Coronavirus.  Prior to the Coronavirus 40% of employers did not allow telecommuting at all, 58% allowed some employees to telecommute, and just 2% of employers allowed all employees to telecommute. 

The Employers Association also asked employers if they began allowing telecommuting due to the Coronavirus.  Only 10% did not allow telecommuting, 64% allowed some employees to telecommute, and 26% allowed all employees to telecommute.

In May, The Employers Association asked 139 employers in the Charlotte metro area how they planned to phase back from remote work.  Nearly 22% of employers reported that they would continue to allow telecommuting for all employees and 42% reported they would allow telecommuting to continue if requested.  Of course, employers with employees returning to physical locations reported taking protective steps such as sanitizing, limiting the staff on site at one time, and reconfiguring spaces to support social distancing.


As we navigate this new world, employers need to evaluate what worked and what did not during the Coronavirus telecommuting period.  Employees want flexibility as part of their Total Rewards package.  The Coronavirus forced it, but employers need to evaluate which changes support work life effectiveness for employees while achieving business needs.


Eric McMillan
2020 Membership Director

Summer 2020 and the pandemic is still here impacting most every facet of our lives.  Where do we go from here?  It's summer-the beach? the mountains?! Maybe, maybe not; When do we go back to an office?  When can we have lunch with work colleagues at a sit-down restaurant and it not feel strange?  It may be a while yet before we are back to something similar to what we remember from 6 - 8 months ago.   Our work in compensation, benefits, employee relations, recruiting, and other important functions still needs to 'get done' to keep our organizations moving forward and position us for success in the future. 

Membership in an organization like CACC can provide a forum to share experiences and learn from others how they are managing through this event.  Keep in touch with your CACC friends through reaching out directly, finding them on the CACC LinkedIn group, and of course joining us for the quarterly meetings that are virtual for now.  As always, feel free to contact any Board member with suggestions or questions on how to make CACC a valuable resource to our members.

CACC membership offers several benefits:

  • (4) Member Meetings that provide networking opportunities as well as continuing education on current topics and practice trends;
  • WorldatWork Certification Courses, offered locally with a price discount for members to help you achieve, and maintain, your CCP or CBP certification;
  • Compensation Matters Newsletter, published quarterly covering hot topics, upcoming events and CACC news;
  • The CACC Website [] for easy access to member information, calendars, member meetings, and job postings;
  • The CACC Membership Directory for contacting and networking with other CACC members; 
  • The Annual Membership Needs Survey to ensure that members have direct input into the planning and scheduling of programs and events; 
  • Access to the CACC LinkedIn group (CACC - Charlotte Area Compensation Council on LinkedIn).

If you know of compensation professionals that would be interested in knowing more about CACC, please send them our way!  We would be happy to discuss membership opportunities.

Your continued membership and your support of CACC are very important and appreciated! 

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