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April 2019

Volume 25, Issue 2

Table of Contents

  1. From the Chair
  2. Member Meeting
  3. Education
  4. Membership
  5. Socials Survey
  6. Article: The Silent Raise



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From the Chair

Sarah Holmes, CBP, CCP, GRP, SPHR
2019 CACC Chair

CACC Members,

We are excited to continue to offer you ways to support your professional development, increase your knowledge, learn new skills, network with each other, and partner with our community. We will continue to have our quarterly member meetings and have some great topics again this year. In addition, we are back to offering more course opportunities through CACC. We will be looking for ways to get together informally as well through our socials (thank you to those who have been responding to our survey for input).

What does your membership offer to you? As a member of CACC, we can help freshen up your professional development. In 2019, our goal is to offer members trending topics and highly sought after speakers during our member meetings, as well as WorldatWork education courses to help achieve your certification and enhance your skill set, and creative member socials to network with peers in a fun, relaxed environment.

On May 1st, we'll be hosting Bradley who will speak to us about mental illness, PTSD and how that interplays with ADA. This is a great way to enhance your skill set and/or learn something new. We look forward to seeing you at this session.

We are looking to bring in Scott Cawood, Ed.D., CCP, GRP, President and CEO of WorldatWork again this year, which we heard from several of you was the meeting not to miss last year.

More to come on our member meetings and topics this year. We look forward to another year of learning opportunities, increasing the professional network, and reinvesting in the members' professional development. We are excited about the upcoming meetings and look forward to seeing you there!

Sarah Holmes, CBP, CCP, GRP, SPHR
2019 CACC Chair

 Member Meeting


Brad Van Pelt, CCP, PHR, SHRM-CP
2019 Member Meetings Director

Mental illness, PTSD, and ADA in the workplace...

Please join us for our second member meeting of 2019 on Wednesday, May 1, from 8:30 - 10:30 am at the Employers Association, 3020 W Arrowood Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273. Our 2018/2019 CACC Sponsor, Bradley, will discuss a topic that is getting a lot of attention in employment settings recently, mental Illness in the workplace and the interplay with ADA. Bradley is a national law firm, with a local office in Charlotte, that provides legal services in dozens of industries and practice areas for clients around the world.

Please register for the meeting here.

NOTE: Breakfast/Networking will begin at 8:30am, with the meeting from 9am - 10:30am.

Looking ahead? Our third member meeting is scheduled for August 7th at The Employers Association. We will be hosting Dr. Scott Cawood, Ed.D, President and CEO of WorldatWork, as our keynote speaker. He will be discussing the unique role today's professionals play in helping organizations make the connection between highly effective organizations and deeply meaningful rewards that ultimately place your organization ahead of your competitors.

Hope to see you there!

Brad Van Pelt, CCP, PHR, SHRM-CP
2019 Member Meetings Director


Chris Gilreath, MSITM, CBAP
2019 Education Director

Along with our compensation courses, we will be hosting (2) benefit courses in 2019. Course titles and dates below. Don't wait, register today!

T2 - Accounting & Finance May 13-14, 2019
B2 - Retirement Plans May 13-14, 2019

B3A - Health and Welfare Plans July 8-9, 2019
C2 - Job Analysis, Documentation & Evaluation July 8-9, 2019

C8 - Business Acumen Oct 14-15, 2019
T4 - Strategic Communication Oct 14-15, 2019

For more information or to register, contact: WorldatWork Customer Relations at (877) 951-9191 or visit

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Location of 2019 CACC Classes!
The Employers Association
3020 West Arrowood Rd
Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone: 704-522-8011

Chris Gilreath, MSITM, CBAP
2018 Education Director


Niki Johnson
2019 Membership Director

Time flies quickly when you are having fun!  I am sure like most compensation professionals, we spent the first quarter of 2019 knee deep in compensation projects.  As we move closer to April's tax filing deadline, it feels like we can finally come up for air.  This is a great time to reflect on what works for you and your organization and prepare your process for a little "Spring Cleaning."

Where can CACC help? CACC membership offers you great networking and educational activities each year. 

Benefits to CACC Membership:

  • (4) Member Meetings that provide networking opportunities as well as continuing education on current topics and practice trends;
  • WorldatWork Certification Courses, offered locally with a price discount for members to help you achieve, and maintain, your CCP or CBP certification;
  • Compensation Matters Newsletter, published quarterly covering hot topics, upcoming events and CACC news;
  • Semi-Annual Social Networking Events, that gives members the opportunity to meet in an informal social setting, held at various locations;
  • The CACC Website [] for easy access to member information, calendars, member meetings, and job postings;
  • The CACC Membership Directory for contacting and networking with other CACC members; 
  • The Annual Membership Needs Survey to ensure that members have direct input into the planning and scheduling of programs and events; 
  • Access to the CACC LinkedIn group (CACC - Charlotte Area Compensation Council on LinkedIn).

Know any compensation professionals that would benefit from this forum? If you know of compensation professionals that would be interested in knowing more about CACC, please feel free to provide our email.  We would be happy to have a discussion with them.

Your continued membership and your support of CACC are very important to the group!  

Niki Johnson
2019 Membership Director

Socials Survey

If you haven't had the opporutnity to take the survey on CACC socials, please click here to let us know your thoughts!

 Article: The Silent Raise by Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond
CACC Member

If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one there to hear it, did it make a sound?  The same is true with a raise.  If an employer gives an employee a raise and the employee doesn't know it, is it a raise?

According to the 2018 Colorado Employer Benefits Survey Report by Lockton Inc. 33% of the companies surveyed revealed that they are absorbing the full increase in medical insurance premiums for the coming year.


If the employer chooses, to absorb the medical insurance premium cost increase, as 33% of the respondents have, the employee has received a "silent raise". 

Let's do the math.  According to the National Conference of State Legislators the average annual cost for family coverage is $18,764. They also suggest the renewal rate increase prior to implementing any cost saving measures such as higher deductible and copays is expected to be around 7.7%.

$18,764 X 7.7% = $1,445 increase in premiums


The "silent raise" for someone making $10 an hour could be as high as 6.9%.

Turn the "silent raise" into a "noisy" raise with Total Compensation Statements.  By highlighting the costs absorbed by the company, Total Compensation Statements can help an employer get full value for this silent raise.  

Lee Diamond, CACC Member
Lee Diamond is president of Employee Benefits Communications, Inc.  He has over 25 years of benefit communications experience.  More information is available on the website:
Please contact Lee at [email protected] for more information.  
The above information was used with Lockton's permission.

Contact: [email protected]
Tel: 704.785.4485